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Community Brilliance LAB

I help socially conscious and accountable leaders and institutions activate community brilliance and buy-in during pivotal moments.

I use my skills as an expert group facilitator to lead you through a process of listening that authentically engages your community to make big decisions, solve problems and create shared futures.

I am passionate about taking leaders and their constituents through my tried and tested process to uncover and clarify shared visions, apply expertise from lived experiences, proactively address challenges and narrow down the essential ideas or next steps. Through my Community Brilliance LAB, I help leaders navigate make-or-break moments of transition so they can make their next move with confidence, intention and public support.

Whether you’re a public leader seeking input to make a critical decision, the chair of an issue-based organization looking to source ideas to solve a community problem or an executive of a leading institution pursuing community collaboration on a new initiative, I can help you get the collective buy-in you need to foster shared ownership and success.

Our work together will help you activate the brilliance of your community to turn your pivotal moment into a defining one!

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Why wait? Get your questions answered now.

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My Community Brilliance LAB...

  • Starts with vision: Creating, clarifying and/or refining a shared vision gets us to the heart of what we are ultimately seeking. It also helps us to evoke imagination and challenge perceived limitations.

  • Centers lived experience: The value of expertise that comes from lived experience is affirmed and highly regarded. It is central to decision-making and determining next steps. My LAB process surfaces stories of lived experience that inform the work and implementation 

  • Shares ownership: Together we will create opportunities for those we are engaging to not only participate, but to co-lead and own the process.

  • Uses a racial equity lens: The work is designed to support communities in their path to actualizing Forward Through Ferguson's definition of racial equity: a state in which no life outcomes can be determined by race.

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Community Brilliance Lab: Testimonials

“She came in with the organization, the vision and the experience. Her very developed and well-versed program helped us accomplish things we'd been trying to do for years.”

Monique Gill, Perinatal Behavioral Health Services, Washington University




I will work your team to design + execute a process of listening to your community that

  • Activates the brilliance of your community and gets the best thinking toward your vision and goals

  • Helps groups get beyond barriers that stunt imagination and innovation, while creating space that inspires it.

  • Amplifies the voices of those who most often go unheard

  • Uncovers clear solutions and action steps

  • Includes in-person and virtual modes of engagement (events, focus groups, social media engagement, surveys, etc.)


We will capture what we've learned and summarize it in creative and visually engaging ways to share with your community. Whether it’s a board meeting or community forum, we can find the best methods for you to report your findings and next steps.



No vision is worthwhile without action. As a thought partner, I will help you identify concrete action steps that you can take based on what we heard from your community.

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Ready to start? Let's talk about your community's needs.

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Community Brilliance Lab: Testimonials

"Jessica Wernli helped our organization tremendously during the transition of new leadership. The result was visually-stunning, professional, and complete strategic framework for our office. She did so well we brought her back for an annual follow-up. I would recommend her to any public leader looking to engage a group in planning."

Michael Butler, St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds

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