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The Reimagine It Workshop creates the space you and your team, group and/or community need to think about a system, process, approach or program in a new way. 

With the rapid pace of changes happening over the last two years, taking time to pause, reflect and adjust might have seemed impossible. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be fun! 

Together, we will unlock innovative thinking, identify and prioritize what’s most important, and surface creative solutions. 

Groups will gain a renewed vision for an area of their work, as well as action steps to activate it.

Along with notes from the session, groups will also receive virtual and printed copies of a graphic illustration summarizing their collective vision.

What are you excited to reimagine? 

  • Employee recruiting and retention

  • A long-standing youth program

  • Hybrid work policies

  • A vacant building in your neighborhood

  • Community engagement approaches

  • Relationship-building 

How many people can participate?

Got a team of 5 people? Great! 

A community of over 100? Let’s do it!

How long is a workshop?

Workshops are typically 1.5-3 hours, but it depends on your group size and your desired end result. They are customized to make sure they fit your group’s needs. Also, you can host one or a series! 

Are these virtual or in-person?

They can be either or both. 

Questions? Want to book? Let's talk!

Click below to set up a free discovery call.

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