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From planning a “Sister-to-Sister Summit” for teenage and pre-teen girls in my community as a 6th grader, to hosting regular “real talk” events in college, to organizing public meetings with 1,000+ attendees as an organizer – I have always loved bringing people together for collective thinking, dreaming, and problem-solving.

I strongly believe in the practice of no decision about us without us. I am passionate about shifting the paradigm that only a chosen few (CEO’s, Elected Officials, subject matter experts, etc.) have the answers – we all hold a piece of the puzzle.

When we work together to cultivate an environment of trust and authenticity, center the expertise and lived experience of individuals and commit to sharing the work and results, we multiply the possibilities.

I moved from the Chicago area to St. Louis in 2011, where I began my journey as the Director of United Congregations of Metro-East (UCM), a grassroots organization that tackled social justice issues such as equity in education and the workforce, and restorative justice practices.

I moved on to participate in a variety of projects, including partnering with a local Mayor to organize bi-monthly Town Hall meetings that allowed residents to regularly engage with City leaders directly.

Rooted in the belief that everyone possesses invaluable wisdom, I've made it my mission to amplify voices and foster inclusive leadership. From facilitating grassroots coalitions to co-designing community organizing programs, I've been fortunate to collaborate on initiatives like WEPOWER’s Power Building Academy and Forward Through Ferguson’s #STL2039 Visioning Workshops. 

As a Vision Coach, I believe in the power of vision to shape our futures. With a master's in social work and certifications in facilitation, I blend my professional development with my rich experiences to create spaces where transformation flourishes. 

Whether I'm working one-on-one or collaborating with community stakeholders, my goal remains the same: to unlock the potential within ourselves and our communities, creating a future defined by possibility and abundance.

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