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2020 had a major impact on many things, including how we meet. If you’ve had to lead meetings over the last 12 months, it might have been all you could do to just throw a meeting together and hope it worked out. Between fighting your own burnout and the zoom fatigue of others, you likely ended up with a year of mixed results. A year later, we have the opportunity to refresh our approach and level-up our meetings.

Whether 2021 has you facilitating meetings that are in-person, virtual, or a mixture of both, my 3-part virtual workshop will help you design spaces that are both productive *and* rejuvenating.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This 3-part workshop will cover key tools & practices to make your meetings more productive, energizing, and people-centered. Participants will get a chance to address their biggest facilitation challenges, build out a plan for their next meeting, and practice their new skills.

Participants will receive materials to help them design more successful meetings.

Part 1 | Setting your mtgs up for success
Tools for designing a better agenda & more!

Part 2 | Creating people-centered spaces
Tools for building energy, engaging different personalities & more!

Part 3 | Putting it into practice
Fine tune your plan for your next meeting, practice and get feedback
*Bonus: my #1 tool for virtual meetings!

This workshop is designed for anyone who leads or desires to lead meetings, including people who:

  • May not call themselves a “facilitator”, but find themselves facilitating meetings on a regular basis

  • Have meeting facilitation as a part of their job description or volunteer role, but don’t feel fully equipped

  • Facilitate meetings regularly & want to refresh their skills

  • Find their meetings falling flat or feeling stale

  • Struggle to plan meetings that feel productive and/or engaging

  • Want to add new tools to their facilitator toolbelt

  • Want to make their meetings more people-centered

  • Are looking for help planning an upcoming meeting

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COVID-19 and global uprisings overshadow what would otherwise be a celebratory time for college graduates. Instead, recent grads are expected to begin their careers in a world where much is unknown. However, while planning for the future at a time like this may appear daunting, now may be the best time for you to reinvent your own professional path. As activists across the globe call for all to reimagine economic systems that hurt black people, you can take advantage of the moment to reimagine your personal vision and goals.

If you’re a Black 2020 college graduate who is feeling anxious because you’ve had to scrap your original plans, overwhelmed about your job search, concerned that all your hard work was for nothing, or a new desire to shift your focus to find work that is more meaningful, the Bright Black Futures Webinar will give you the tools you need to gain clarity and confidence about your career trajectory.

What to expect: Jessica Wernli’s Bright Black Futures Webinar focuses on 4 BIG-PICTURE questions that college graduates can use to get clear about their personal vision and career. Participants will receive worksheets that they can use for reflection and planning following the webinar.

The big-picture questions Jessica introduces build on a decade of experience in personal transformation and follow the tried and tested framework she uses to help groups and communities turn their pivotal moments into defining ones.

About Jessica Wernli: Jessica Wernli roots her work in community organizing principles including, “the revolution starts within”. As a trainer and big-picture strategist, Jessica helps changemaking women ignite their own internal revolution. Her workshops are designed to help you get clear about your personal and professional vision, particularly in times of major life transitions.

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